Terms and Conditions of Use

Your uninterrupted use of this website is directed by these terms and conditions. Please go through this page with utmost attention. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions described here, do not use this website and its services. By accessing this website, you are demonstrating your approval to be limited by the stipulations of these terms and conditions. SVgroup.com may make changes to these terms and conditions at any given time. Please check this page regularly to view the changes to the terms and conditions.

The stipulations “you” and “user” as used in this defines to all the individuals and/or entities using this website for any such reason.

Use of Matter

SVgroup permits you to visit and download a copy of the material on svgroup.com exclusively for noncommercial and personal use only.

The matters of this website such as logos, text, images, software, button icons and others are confined under both trademark & copyright laws. The set i.e. the collection, assembly and arrangement of all matters on this website are the sole bearings of SVgroup and sheltered by the local and the international copyright and laws. Unpermitted access of the matter may infringe the laws, copyrights and other trademark. You may not trade, customize, recreate, display, openly perform, deliver or otherwise access the content in any way for any open or saleable purpose.

Satisfactory Web Site Use

General Regulations: Users might not access this Website with the intention to store, transmit, distribute or destroy material (a) in infringement of any valid & applicable regulations, law or rules (b) in a way that will violate the trademark, service-mark, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property of others or infringe the publicity, privacy or other sole rights of others (c) that is slanderous, hateful, obscene, intimidating or insulting.

Website Protection Regulations: Users are strictly banned from infringing or trying to infringe the protection of the web site, counting, but not limiting to (a) using data not aimed for such user or logging into the server or the account that the user has no rights to use (b) make an attempt to scan, search, or examine the susceptibility of a network or group or system or otherwise to violate the protection or validation procedures without appropriate agreement (c) trying to interact with the service to any such user, network or host, counting, but without limiting to, through means of loading a spam or virus to the web site, smashing, flooding, mail bombing, overloading or crashing (d) distributing unwanted or unwelcoming email, counting promotion and/or marketing of products or service (e) counterfeiting any TCP/IP packet header or any portion of the header details in any email or news group loading. Disobedience of network or system protection might result in criminal, civil or illegal responsibility. SVgroup will examine and inspect incidences or events that might include such infringements and might include and co-up with law or legal enforcement establishments in acting against users who took part in any such infringements.

Precise Banned Uses

Sharing any incomplete, fake or inappropriate matter.

Sharing any franchise, club membership, pyramid scheme, distributorship, or trade representative entity arrangement or other business chances that actually demands an open or seasonal payment, pays commissions alone (no major salary), demands recruitment of other members, sub agents or sub distributors.

Eliminating or customizing any matter loaded by any other entity or person.

Accessing any software, device or regular to interact or try to interact with the appropriate operation of this website or any other activity being hosted on this website.

Taking any measures or actions that inflicts a heavy load unnecessary or excessively on this website and its communications.

If you have a secret code or password that permits you to use a non-open area of this website, revealing or disclosing it with a third party is strictly prohibited.

Trying to decompile, decode, disassemble or quash trick or engineer any of the software including or in any method creating up a portion of the website is strictly prohibited.

User Information

While you register for this website, you will be asked to offer SVgroup with accurate details counting, but not limiting to, an appropriate email id. SVgroup does not reveal or disclose your contact information, address, name, email id, telephone or phone number to any third party without your prior permission, excluding when deemed necessary or fitting to meet the terms with the legal proceedings or suitable laws where such information is significant. SVgroup reserves the right to provide third party service and products to you in accordance with the preferences that you recognize in your registration and at any time after that, such offers might be created by SVgroup or by any third party. Please go through SVgroup’s Privacy Policy for further details with respect to your information.

User Submissions

As a user, you are in charge for your personal communications and are accountable for the results or effects of their postings. You should not, and by accessing this website you accept not to, execute the succeeding things: Share or load material that is copyrighted, unless or otherwise, you are the copyright owner or possess the rights of the copyright owner to share it, share material or matters that disclose business secrets, except when you possess the rights of those matters or have the rights of the owner, share material that violates on any other academic property rights of others or on the sole or exposure or publicity rights of others, share material or content that is intimidating, insulting, obscene, abusive, hateful, harassing or awkward to other user or any other entity or person, share a sexually open image or matter, share advertisements or solicitations of business or trade, share pyramid schemes, chain letters, imitate other person, or share material or content that includes Trojan horses, time bombs, viruses, worms, cancel bots or any other computer programming engines or regulars that are aimed to damage, destructively interact with, furtively interrupt or seize any data, system, or information.

SVgroup does not and cannot assure or signify the truthfulness, precise, or dependability of the communications loaded by users or support any suggestions spoken or articulated by the users. You admit that any trust or dependence on the matter loaded by the users will be at your own personal risk.

SVgroup reserves the right to force out users and stop their further access to the web site for infringing the terms and conditions or the law and the authority to expel the communications which are insulting, illegal, or troublesome. SVgroup may take any measures or actions in connection with the user submitted information that it considered mandatory or compulsory in its private discretion if it strongly believes that it might create responsibility for SVgroup or may cause SVgroup to lose (in whole or in portion) the services of its ISPs or other suppliers.

By submitting matter or content to any non open or open area of the website, including forums, message, chat rooms, boards and contests, you permit SVgroup and its associates the loyalty free, unchangeable, sublicensable, inclusive rights (counting any mortal rights) and permission to use, recreate, get used to, customize, transfer, distribute, create copy works from, distribute, communicate to the public, execute and display the content (in whole or in portion) all over the world and/or to include it in other works in any form, technology, or media that is now known or later enhanced, for the whole term of any rights that might survive in such content.

Registration and Password

You are in charge for up-keeping the secret and privacy of your information and password. You shall be in charge and answerable for all the uses of your registration, whether or not allowed by you. You accept to right away inform or report SVgroup of any unpermitted use of your registration or password.

SVgroup’s Responsibility

SVgroup does not and cannot assure that the website will function error-free or that the website and its servers are free of computer viruses or other dangerous mechanisms. If your access of the website or the content or material causes a need for repairing or restoring instrument or data, SVgroup is not to be held accountable for any resulting cost.

The website and the content are issued on an “as is” basis without any assurances of any kind or type. SVgroup, to the extreme point allowed by the law, denies all assurances, whether articulate or in-direct, counting the assurance of saleability, suitableness for sole needs and non-violence. SVgroup makes no assurances or warranties with respect to the preciseness, dependability, accuracy, completeness or aptness of the material or matter, software, services, links, text and graphics.

Disclaimer of Consequential Harms

On no occasion shall SVgroup, its suppliers, or any third parties stated on the website be answerable or in charge of any harm (counting, but without limiting to, minor and consequential harms, loss of income, harm caused by data loss or from business interruption) rooting from the access or not able to access the website and its matter, whether in accordance with assurance, tort, contract, or any other legal and appropriate mechanism, and whether or not SVgroup is recommended of the likelihood or possibility of any such harms.

Directions to Other Websites

The website includes links or directions to third party websites. These directions or links are offered exclusively as a convenience to our users and the matters or contents on any such third party websites are not supported by SVgroup. SVgroup is not answerable for the content that is linked to the third party websites and does not and cannot make any significance with respect to the content or preciseness of the content on any such third party websites. If you chose to visit the third party website, you do so at your personal risk, you are in charge for the effects rooting from the third party websites.

Transactions of Seller or Buyer

The SVgroup characterize the buyer or the seller while performing transactions, regardless of, whether those transactions completed through the site or website services or not. The SVgroup is not solely in-charge for the products or services or items that are available for sale on the website. The capacity of the buyer to finalize the purchase or the capacity of the seller to finalize the sale is not confirmed by it. The user and SVgroup are autonomous dealers, and no partnership, collaboration, joint venture, employee-employer relationship or franchiser-franchisee relationship is planned and or developed by the these terms and conditions.

No Commercial or Illegal use

You accept not to resell or allot your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions of use. You as well accept not to create any illegal or unlawful commercial access of the website.


SVgroup reserves the rights, at its private discretion, to delete your postings from the website or to withhold your ability to access the website and/or other services offered to you by SVgroup, upon any violence by you of these terms and conditions or if SVgroup is not able to examine or validate any information you provide to the web site while registration with or capability to use the website.

You agree to protect, guard, and hold SVgroup and its directors, employees, officers and agents, harmless against any claims, measures or requirements, counting but not limited to, reasonable legal or lawful and accounting fees, contending or rooting from your use of the content or your violence of these terms and conditions


SVgroup makes no claims that the matter might be lawfully or legally overviewed or downloaded. Use to the matter might not be legal by sure persons or in some countries. If you use the web site you do so at your personal risk and are answerable and compliance with the laws of your authority. These terms and conditions are ruled by the laws without regard to its disagreements of law boundaries. If any stipulation of these terms and conditions are found to be not valid by any court having proficient authority, the invalidity of such stipulation should not affect or influence the validity of the remaining stipulations of these terms and conditions, which should stay active in full force and effect. No waiver of any regulation of these terms and conditions should be considered an additional or sustaining waiver of such term or any other term. Exclusive of openly issued in further terms and conditions of use for areas of the web site a sole “legal notice”, or software permission or material on sole web pages, these terms and conditions contains the whole agreement in between you and SVgroup with regard to the use of the web site. No modifications to these terms and conditions should be made unless by a revised posting on this page.

The SVgroup does not accept the notices or demands from the user if it is not in a proper format or user demanding for something is not valid. User should explain a proper reason or cause for demanding anything from the SVgroup. As a registered and sole user, you hereby accept the terms of services that are explained above and declare to follow that wholly while accessing the website.

The users who have no willingness or readiness to go behind the terms and conditions are strictly banned to access the website for any such reasons. The above mentioned headings are for the cause of reference alone, and in no way describe, restrict, brief or explain the capacity of such heading.

The SV group has the sole and full rights to allocate these terms and conditions accounting any and all the headings, rights, titles, merits, demands and responsibilities to any person or entity. At the same time, the user has no rights to allocate either full or a portion of these terms and conditions to any person or entity at any point for any reasons. Users will be subjected under a severe action if SVgroup suspects that, the user has assigned any portion of the terms and conditions to any person or unit or third party site or competitor site. For any reason, the users should not disclose or reveal the terms and conditions to any person or unit or third party.

The above explained terms and conditions shall be ruled by the laws or legal activities of United States of America Government without observe to its disagreement of law stipulations. The users or clients to these terms and conditions hereby submit to the sole influence and authority of the courts of United States of America.

Additional Terms of Use

Certain portions of this website are subjected to additional terms and conditions of use. By accessing such portions, or any area thereof, you accept to be bound by the additional terms of access valid to such areas.