Our customer’s security and privacy are our top priorities. To learn more about how we protect customer information, please review our Privacy Statement.

No Misuse of Customer Details

SVgroup does not reveal your information to other users or third party entities. User information is maintained confidential. We follow strict rules and principles that safeguard the user’s information.

We will not reveal your email address or account information to any other users or third party entities without your expressed permission. We do not include our customer’s email id in any mailing list so you will not receive any spam email from us. We only send emails with regards to your order. If you do not want to receive any emails from us, you can opt to unsubscribe.

We will not trade your details to any third party companies or leave cookies on your desktop.

We use encrypted database for maintaining our customer’s information in a secured manner.

Highly Protected Data

Our servers maintain your, including, but not limiting to, your email id, address, contact number, debit or credit card details. During the purchase, your information will be used to process your demand as required. You many modify or alter your personal information, on our website just by logging in to your account.

SVgroup will use the following information:

Email Id

If you prefer not to get any emails from us, you may unsubscribe at any time. By default, you are set-up to receive emails from us with regards to your order such as shipping details and order confirmation etc.

Phone Number

Your phone number is used when you chose that as your primary mode of communication, or alternately at the time of delivery.

Shipping Address

For shipping the order you have purchased.

Credit or Debit Card Details

To process your transactions, your credit and debit card details will be used by SVgroup. Transactions will be done via the encrypted portals, so no details will be revealed to any person.

Billing Address

It is used to validate your credit or debit details.

Collection of Information

The feedbacks from the clients will be kept confidential. In case, if we disclose your reviews or comments to openly accessible areas of our web site, we will change your identity to nameless.

Legal Issues

In case of credit card fraudulent activity or other forgeries, we hold the right to disclose your personal information to any related legal authorities.